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Isabelle Champagne: Learning to grow!

Year: 2020 — Province: Québec
Certificate of Achievement Recipient

Grade 3 (mathematics, science, French, social studies, plastic arts, ethics and religious studies)
École Saint-Clément-Ouest
Mont-Royal, Québec

Expanding her students' knowledge to expose them to broader horizons – this is the challenges she sets herself every day.


Isabelle Champagne is a team player who strives to make her students accountable so that they develop confidence and are equipped for the future. She encourages them to be curious and motivated, and helps them learn values that will make them environmentally responsible citizens.  

Pedagogical approach

Isabelle has a natural gift for guiding her students to become independent learners whether individually, as part of a team or in a large group, using technology to its full advantage. She challenges her students so that they discover and develop new research strategies and find the information they need. She designs a monthly themed program focused on various skills and knowledge.

STEM in the classroom

  • Isabelle encourages her students to use Google forms to write comments to their peers, a practice that has positive impacts on learning.
  • She places many tools on Google Classroom to enable students to self-evaluate their progress and regulate their learning.
  • As part of oral communication skills, Isabelle uses Seesaw, a digital portfolio that records the students and allows students and their parents to observe themselves and make comments.
  • In order to introduce students to programming, Isabelle uses the programming tool Scratch that they use to create animated Valentines, for example.

Outstanding achievements

  • She created the Les Héros du zéro website for her class which is used for presenting challenges to the students to raise their awareness about environmental issues and achieving the zero-waste objective.
  • Every year, Isabelle organizes a concert in each of the school's three cafeterias where students from kindergarten to grade 4 attend the performances of student musicians.
  • With her students, she has co-authored Petit guide des dinosaures 301, an illustrated reference available to the other students, staff and parents.
  • As a member of a group of four teachers dedicated to digital pedagogy, she has worked on the conversion of tools, information and documents on a new website, ESCO pour tous, that is accessible to all the teachers.

Contact us!

École Saint-Clément-Ouest
555, av. Mitchell
Mont-Royal, QC  H3R 1L5


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