Grid for collaborative arrangements

An optional modified version of the grid has been developed for situations where Industry Canada is leading a collaboration with other institutions or organizations. In this grid, all identifying symbols appear in the identification space at the bottom.

The collaborative grid, depicted below, consists of three key sections:

  1. A consistent brand banner with adjustable title or headline bar and the tri-square graphic in outline form. In corporate communications, the brand banner must use Pantone 3025 blue as illustrated, while in sector/program/branch communications, the brand banner may be of various colours within the secondary colour palette.
  2. An image and text design area. While respecting the colour palettes, typefaces and approach to image treatments, the design area is otherwise used as free creative space.
  3. A white identification space for Industry Canada and its collaborators, including the appropriate FIP signature, the "Canada" wordmark and collaborators' logos. See the Department's FIP Procedures for information on which FIP signature applies.

Exercise judgment when working with this grid to ensure that communications respect these graphic standards and applicable Government of Canada policy requirements.

The Grid

illustration of elements for grid for collaborative arrangements

Electronic templates for these grids are available in various formats for download from the Publishing Toolbox. To ensure consistency for all Industry Canada communications, do not recreate these templates.

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