Presentation slide specifications

Use the following table to obtain size and positioning specifications for applying the Department's corporate symbols to electronic presentations. You can also view examples and download layout templates from this table.

Applications of Industry Canada's Corporate Look have been developed in accordance with these specifications for size and placement of Federal Identity Program (FIP) signatures and the "Canada" wordmark on departmental communications.


1. Measurements for the FIP signature in the table below are for the Industry Canada FIP signature. When using other FIP signatures (e.g., the Government of Canada FIP signature, Competition Bureau FIP signature or special operating agency FIP signatures) in place of the Industry Canada FIP signature, use the point sizes listed below as a guide and contact the Multimedia Services Section for advice. When creating a FIP signature, see the design guidelines in the Federal Identity Program Manual.

2. Always project electronic presentations in two unilingual versions side by side.

3. Corporate identity symbols must appear at the beginning and end of Industry Canada presentations. Use the opening and closing slide configuration for this purpose.

4. When producing electronic presentations, ensure that they are legible when projected on a screen or other background. Use rich, dark background colours, reverse white for main text, and warm, contrasting colours for titles, charts and graphics. Keep the text simple: a maximum of 25 words for text-only pages and a maximum of 10 words for pages with graphics or charts.


FIP signature
(point size, width)

"Canada" wordmark

Landscape — 25.4 x 19.05 cm (10' x 7.5')

14 pt., 71 mm

40 mm


160 mm (centred)

Portrait — 19.05 x 25.4 cm (7.5' x 10')

Opening slide

14 pt., 71 mm

35 mm

Closing slide


160 mm (centred)

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