Delivery instructions for the printer

The following instructions must be sent to the printer:

  1. general information about your publication;
  2. packaging and shipping requirements;
  3. list of mandatory recipients.

General Information About Your Publication

  • Your Name:
  • Your Department:
  • Name of Publication:
  • ISBN or ISSN Number:

Packaging and Shipping Requirements


  • Only one (1) Government of Canada catalogue number per package
  • Do not mix English and French in the same box
  • All material must be received in boxes unless otherwise pre-arranged
  • Boxes must be sized appropriately for the components that they will contain, and all materials must be packed flat in boxes and packed tightly to prevent the components from shifting, curling and being damaged
  • The maximum weight of a loaded box is not to exceed thirty-five (35) pounds


All box ends/rolls must be shipped labelled with the following:

  • Receiving address (see below), including client identification
  • Publication title
  • Government of Canada catalogue number
  • ISBN or ISSN
  • Industry Canada registration number
  • Exact quantity enclosed in box (roll)
  • Roll number of total number of boxes (rolls) in shipment; e.g., Box 1 of 3

List of Mandatory Recipients

Recipient 1: Your copies

All printing components and 5 copies of the document in each language to:
[Your name]
[Address, including room number]
[Telephone number]

Recipient 2: Publishing and Depository Services

Quantity: 1 English and 1 French copy or 1 bilingual copy

Publishing and Depository Services
Constitution Square, Tower II, 5th Floor
350 Albert Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0S5

Recipient 3: Library and Archives Canada

Quantity: 1 English and 1 French copy or 1 bilingual copy

Library and Archives Canada
395 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0N4

Recipient 4: Industry Canada Library

Quantity: 2 English and 2 French copies or 2 bilingual copies

Industry Canada Library and Knowledge Centre
2nd Floor West Tower
235 Queen Street
Ottawa ON K1A 0H5

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