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Design, engineering, and related services

Ship Design, Engineering and Related Professional Services are critical to a dynamic Canadian marine sector. Activities included in this subsector are: ship research, development, design, engineering, testing, evaluation and architectural services, including damage and appraisal surveys.Footnote 1

The Unmanned marine vehicles, Manned sub-surface vehicles, Marine robotics, Marine sciences and Ocean technology areas totaled $246.4M in sales; accounting for 14.1% of total marine sales in 2014.

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Canadian Marine Industry Sales Categories — 2014 Sales
Unmanned Marine Vehicles, Manned Sub-Surface Vehicles and Marine Robotics and Components 1.8%   $30.8 M
Ship-borne Software,Sensors, Electronics, Navigation Systems, and Equipment Control Systems and Components 4.7%   $82.2 M
Ship Design, Engineeringand Related Professional Services 5.6%   $99. M
Ship Propulsion Systems,Electrical Power Systems and Related Components 6.5%   $114. M
Shipbuilding, Ship Hulls and Structural Components 7.1%   $124.5 M
Marine Sciences and Ocean Technology (Other Acoustic, Radar, Sonar, Communication, Surveying, Mapping, Imaging and Geomatics Equipment, Components and Services) 12.3%   $215.6 M
Offshore Oil and Gas Structures and Components 13.5%   $236.8 M
Ship Repair and Maintenance Services 20.5%   $360.2 M
Other Commercial and Civil Marine products and services not otherwise captured in the above categories 28.0%   $490.8 M
Total Commercial and Civil 57% $1,754. M
Simulation Systems for Naval Vessels 0.8%   $10.9 M
Naval Ship Fabrication, Structures and Components 21.5%   $289.4 M
Naval Ship-Borne Systems (i.e., Mission Systems) and Components 35.9%   $483.1 M
Naval Ship Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul 41.8%   $562. M
Total Defence 43% $1,345.5 M

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