Spectrum and telecommunications fees

Service Fees Act

  • The Government of Canada is committed to improving services for Canadians and increasing transparency related to federal fees. That is why in 2017 the Government of Canada passed the new Service Fees Act (SFA), which requires, among other things, that all federal government departments increase fees periodically.
  • For our licensees, this means that radio and spectrum licence fees, as well as fees for services provided by the Certification and Engineering Bureau (CEB), will go up annually by the cost of living (more specifically, by the April "All-items Consumer Price Index" (CPI) as published by Statistics Canada).
  • The CPI fee increase as of March 15, 2020, will be 2.2%.
  • Starting on this date, the CPI adjustment will apply to the fees of all new, renewed and amended licences as well as to services related to certification and registration.
  • As a result, licences that are re-issued for a new term effective April 1, 2020, to March 31, 2021, will be subject to the same CPI adjustment.
  • Our licence fees have not increased since 1996 (radio) and 2004 (spectrum).

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Radio licence fees

See Schedule III of Radiocommunication Regulations
January 2002

RIC-42 — Guide for Calculating Radio Licence Fees
June 2014

CPC-2-1-25 — Radio Station Licensing Procedure for Radiocommunication Service Providers — System Licensing
June 2011

Spectrum licence fees

Gazette Notice SMSE-008-16Fee Order for Fixed-Satellite Service (FSS) and Broadcasting-Satellite Service (BSS) Spectrum in Canada

Gazette Notice DGRB-003-08 — Fees for Spectrum in the Radio Frequency Band 4940-4990 MHz for Broadband Public Safety Communications

Gazette Notice DGRB-005-03 — Radio Authorization Fees for Wireless Telecommunication Systems that Operate in the Radio Frequency Bands 824.040 MHz to 848.970 MHz, 869.040 MHz to 893.970 MHz or 1850 MHz to 1990 MHz

Gazette Notice DGRB-003-01 — Radio Authorization Fees for Narrowband Multipoint Communications Systems in the 1.4 GHz Frequency Range (N-MCS)

Gazette Notice DGRB-009-99 — Radio Authorization Fees for Mobile Satellite Services Using Radio Spectrum Above 1 GHz

Comment received in response to Gazette Notice DGRB-002-99 — Consultation on the Issuance of a Spectrum Licence to the Railway Association of Canada (archived):

Railway Association of Canada (RAC)
(PDF, 4 KB, 1 page)

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Gazette Notice DGRB-013-99 — Radio Authorization Fees for Multipoint Communications Systems (MCS) that Operate in the 2500 MHz Range and on Other Related Frequencies and Multipoint Distribution Systems (MDS) that Operate in the 2600 MHz Range that Provide Non-Broadcasting Services

Gazette Notice DGRB-008-99 — Radio Authorization Fees for Fixed Wireless Access Systems in Rural Areas in the Frequency Range 3400-3550 MHz

Radio Authorization Fees for Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) Facilities
September 1997, Rescinded February 2016

Gazette Notice DGRB-001-97 — Radio Authorization Fees for Mobile Satellite Services Using Radio Spectrum Below 1 GHz

Gazette Notice DGRB-004-97 — Radio Authorization Fees for Fixed Radio Systems in the 38.4-40.0 GHz Frequency Bands

Gazette Notice DGRB-004-96 — Radio Authorization Fees for Local Multipoint Communication Systems in the 28 GHz Range (LMCS)

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