Canadian National Organization for the ITU (CNO/ITU)


The Canadian National Organization for the ITU-T (CNO/ITU-T) was established in 1973.  The objective of the CNO/ITU-T is to promote and coordinate Canadian participation in the activities of the ITU-T.  It comprises members from the public and private sectors of the Canadian telecommunications community.  The CNO/ITU-T fulfills the purposes of the ITU relating to telecommunications standardization. The National Study Groups are responsible for studying technical, operating and tariff questions and adopting recommendations on them with a view to standardizing telecommunications on a worldwide basis.

CNO/ITU-T Structure

Steering Committee:

  • Chairman - Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
  • CNO/ITU-T Secretariat - Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

Steering Committee Members:

  • Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
  • Sector Members
    • Bell Canada
    • Ciena Canada
    • Ericsson Canada Inc.
    • EXFO Inc.
    • Microsoft Canada
    • Research in Motion
    • Rogers Communication Partnership
    • TELUS Communications Inc.
  • Associates
    • Altera Newfoundland Technology Centre (Altera NTC) (SG 15)
    • Avvasi Inc (SG 12)
    • eBrisk Video Inc. (SG 16)
    • Galazar Networks (SG 15)
    • Integrated Device Technology (SG 15)
    • Microsemi Semiconductor Corporation (SG 15)
    • MBNA Canada (SG 17)

National Study Groups: 

  • NSG-2 - Operational aspects of service provision and telecommunications management
  • NSG-3 - Tariff and accounting principles including related telecommunication economic and policy issues
  • NSG-5 - Environment and climate change
  • NSG-9 - Television and sound transmission and integrated broadband cable networks
  • NSG-11 - Signaling requirements, protocols and test specifications
  • NSG-12 - Performance, QoS and QoE
  • NSG-13 - Future networks including mobile and NGN
  • NSG-15 - Optical transport networks and access network infrastructures
  • NSG-16 - Multimedia coding, systems and applications
  • NSG-17 - Security
  • NSG-TSAG - Telecommunication Standardization Advisory Group

Canadian National Organization / International Telecommunication Union — Standardization (CNO/ITU-T)

Manual for CNO/ITU-T

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The representative for the Canadian National Organization for the ITU-T is Barbara Paul of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.

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