Auction of Additional PCS Spectrum in the 2 GHz Frequency Range

Auction Completed

Auction Summary

Date January 15, 2001 - February 1, 2001
Licences 62 licences
-4 in each of 14 Tier-2 Service Areas
(Auction Label A, B, C, D)
-2 in Alberta 2-12 (Auction Label E&F)
-2 in QuebecTel 2-15 (Auction Label F&G)
-2 in Telus - B.C. Area 2-16 (Auction Label E&F)
Bandwidth Licences for all blocks are 10 MHz each consisting of 5+5 MHz symmetrically-paired blocks
Rounds 51
Licences Won 52
Winning Bids $1,481,920,000

Auction Results

Band Plans

Background Information

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