Technical Bulletins (TB)

TB-1 - Information Relating to the Regulation of Radio Apparatus Capable of Receiving Television Broadcasting
Issue 4, March 2015

TB-3 - Cable Compatible Television Apparatus Measurement Methods
Issue 1, June 1982
Rescinded September 2008

TB-4 - Cable Converting Television Apparatus Measurement Methods
June 1, 1982
Rescinded September 2008

TB-5 - Report on Predicting Television Ghosting Interference and Picture Quality
Issue 2, July 1989

TB-6 - Measurement of FM Carrier Deviation (Provisional)
Issue 1, September 2012

TB-7 — Information on the Evaluation of VHF and UHF Terrestrial Cross-Border Frequency Coordination Requests >
Issue 1, May 2013

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