Spectrum Utilization Policies (SP)

    SP Gen—General Information Related to Spectrum Utilization and Radio Systems Policies
    January 1991

    SP 1605 KHz—Spectrum Utilization Policy for the 1605-1705 KHz Band
    April 1989

    SP 30-896 MHz, (Part I)—Spectrum Allocation and Utilization in Certain Bands in the Range 30.01-896 MHz
    May 1990

    SP 30-896 MHz, (Part II)—Spectrum Utilization Policy for the Mobile, Broadcasting and Amateur Services in the Frequency Range 30-896 MHz
    April 1995

    SP 450 MHz—Spectrum Utilization Policy for the Frequency Bands 450-451 MHz and 455-456 MHz and also Parts of the 150 MHz Band Used in Support of Broadcasting Operations and the Frequency Band 409-410 MHz and 420-421 MHz Used by the Mobile Radio Service
    May 1986

    SP 462 MHz—Spectrum Utilization Policy to Permit Licence-Exempt Family Radio Devices in the Land Mobile Frequency Sub-bands 462-467 MHz
    March 2000

    SP 462/467 MHz—Spectrum Provisions for Introducing Licence-Exempt Radios in the Land Mobile Frequency Sub-bands 462/467 MHz
    March 2004

    SP 746 MHz—Mobile Service Allocation Decision and Designation of Spectrum for Public Safety in the Frequency Band 746-806 MHz
    October 2004

    SP 768 MHz—Narrowband and Wideband Public Safety Radiocommunication Systems in the Bands 768-776 MHz and 798-806 MHz
    July 2009

    SP 896 MHz—Spectrum Utilization Policy for the Fixed, Mobile, Radiolocation and Amateur Services in the Band 896-960 MHz
    September 1991

    SP 944 MHz—Spectrum Utilization Policy in the Frequency Range 944-960 MHz
    July 1998

    SP 1-3 GHz—Amendments to the Microwave Spectrum Utilization Policies in the 1-3 GHz Frequency Range
    October 1999

    SP 1-20 GHz—Revisions to Microwave Spectrum Utilization Policies in the Range of 1-20 GHz
    January 1995

    SP 1435 MHz—Spectrum Utilization Policy Decisions for the Band 1435-1525 MHz
    November 2012

    SP 1452 MHz—Spectrum Policy Provisions to Permit the Use of Digital Radio Broadcasting Installations to Provide Non-Broadcasting Services
    September 1997

    SP 1.7 GHz—Spectrum Allocation and Utilization Policy Regarding the Use of Certain Frequency Bands Below 1.7 GHz for a Range of Radio Applications
    June 2009

    SP 1910 MHz—Licence Exempt Personal Communications Services in the Frequency Band 1910-1930
    April 1997

    SP 2285 MHz—Revisions to the Spectrum Utilization Policy for Services in the Frequency Range 2285-2483.5 MHz
    June 2001

    SP 2500 MHz—Spectrum Utilization Policy for the Fixed and Broadcasting Services in the Band 2500-2686 MHz
    November 1991, Currently Under Revision

    SP 3-30 GHz—Revisions to Spectrum Utilization Policies in the 3-30 GHz Frequency Range and Further Consultation
    October 2004

    SP 3400-3700 MHz—Spectrum Policy and Licensing Provisions for Fixed Wireless Access Systems in Rural Areas in the Frequency Range 3400-3700 MHz Superseded
    July 1998

    SP 3650 MHz—Spectrum Utilization Policy, Technical and Licensing Requirements for Wireless Broadband Services (WBS) in the Band 3650-3700 MHz
    June 2009

    SP 4940 MHz—Spectrum Utilization Policy, Technical and Licensing Requirements for Broadband Public Safety in the Band 4940-4990 MHz
    June 2006

    SP 5150 MHz—Spectrum Utilization Policy for Licence Exempt Wireless Local Area Networks in the 5 GHz Range
    April 2005

    SP 7125-7725 MHz—Policy for the Fixed Service in the Band 7125-7725 MHz
    December 1982

    SP 8275 MHz—Spectrum Utilization Policy for the Band 8275-8500 MHz Updated May 2012
    March 1989

    SP 14.5 GHz—Spectrum Utilization Policy, Technical and Licensing Decisions on a Portion of the Band 14.5-15.35 GHz for Tactical Common Data Link (TCDL) Systems
    December 2009

    SP 23/38 GHz—Spectrum Policy and Licensing Considerations, Fixed Radio Systems in the 23 GHz and 38 GHz Frequency Bands
    September 1996

    SP 25.25 GHz—Spectrum Utilization Policy, Decisions on the Band 25.25-28.35 GHz
    June 2011

    SP 47 GHz—Spectrum Utilization Policy for Licence Exempt Wireless Devices in the Bands 46.7-46.9 GHz, 57-64 GHz and 76-77 GHz
    January 2001

    SP 70 GHz—Decisions on the Frequency Bands 71-76 GHz, 81-86 GHz and 92-95 GHz
    June 2012