Spectrum Advisory Bulletins (SAB)

SAB-002-14 — Multi-Use Radio Services in the 150 MHz VHF Band

SAB-001-14 — Requirements for Licensing of Space Stations

SAB-001-13 — Public Safety Operations in the Band 775‑776 MHz

SAB-001-12 — Low-power Licensed Radiocommunication Devices, Including Wireless Microphones, in the Band 698-806 MHz

SAB-003-10 — Use of the Frequency Bands 18.8-19.3 GHz and 28.6-29.1 GHz by the Fixed-Satellite Service (FSS)

SAB-002-10 — Clarification of Licensing Process for Assignment of Satellite Licences in the Bands 7900-8400 MHz and 7250-7750 MHz (X Band)
Rescinded January 2014

SAB-001-10Low-power Licensed Radiocommunication Devices, Including Wireless Microphones, in the Band 698-806 MHz

SAB-001-09 — Revised List of Grandfathered Fixed Satellite Service Receive Earth Stations in the Band 3650-3700 MHz
June 2009

SAB-001-08 — Moratorium on Fixed Services in the Bands 10.95-11.2 GHz, 11.45-11.7 GHz, 14.66 14.82 GHz and 15.135-15.295 GHz
Rescinded December 2009

SAB-001-07 — Spectrum Planning Activities and Review of the 1995 Transitional Digital Radio Policy
May 2007

SAB-002-06 — Consultation on Implementation Matters Related to the Band Plan and the Mobile Service for the Band 2500 – 2690 MHz
September 2006

SAB-001-06 — Moratorium on Fixed Services in the Band 5850–5925 MHz
June 2006

SAB-001-05 — Policy Provisions to Support Licence-exempt Personal Communications Services (LE-PCS) in the Band 1920–1930 MHz and a Moratorium Imposed on the Band 1910–1920 MHz
December 2005

SAB-002-03 — Broadcasting and Public Safety Spectrum
November 2003

SAB-001-03 — Moratorium on Multipoint Distribution Services (MDS) Broadcasting Spectrum in Unlicensed Areas
June 2003

SAB-001-98 — Notification for Use of the Band 2483.5–2500 MHz for Mobile-Satellite Service on an Exclusive Basis
October 1998

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