RSP-110 — Provision of Spectrum Measurement Services by Industry Canada

Issue 5
July 2000

Spectrum Management and Telecommunications Policy
Radio Standards Procedure

1.0 Purpose

1.1 This procedure outlines the process and the requirements to be followed by other federal and provincial government departments, agencies and industry when requesting spectrum measurement services to be performed by the Certification and Engineering Bureau or Industry Canada regional offices.

2.0 References

2.1 Application and Agreement related to Radio Spectrum Measurements form (Appendix I).

2.2 The above document can be obtained from Industry Canada offices listed in the Radiocommunication Information Circular 66 (RIC-66), Addresses and Telephone Numbers of Regional and District Offices.

2.3 Telecommunications Regulations Circular 49 (TRC-49), Information on the Application of the Telecommunications Apparatus Technical Assessment and Testing Fees Order Made under the Financial Administration Act.

Note: Both documents RIC-66 and TRC-49 are available on the departmental Web site at the following address:

3.0 Framework

3.1 Industry Canada has the national responsibility for the management of the radio frequency spectrum under the Radiocommunication Act. In carrying out this mandate, the Department provides frequency selection and analysis services to provide suitable frequencies for applicants.

On occasion, Industry Canada is requested to measure radio frequency emissions, spectrum signatures, perform EMC immunity testing or repair and calibrate test equipment, on a cost recovery basis.

This procedure describes, in the above framework, the process to be followed by any other federal and provincial government departments, agencies and industry desirous of obtaining spectrum measurement services. It also prescribes the terms and conditions and the responsibility of Industry Canada and the applicant.

4.0 General Conditions

4.1 Industry Canada will provide technical services to other federal and provincial government departments, agencies and industry only if the necessary resources exist and can be made available for the time period requested.

4.2 The Department reserves the right to decline to undertake any service requested.

4.3 If testing is conducted at the applicant's site, the applicant will ensure that the premises are suitable in all respects and that the staff will not be exposed to undue hazards.

4.4 All costs incurred by the Department in providing spectrum measurement services will be recovered from the applicant. These will include the time related costs of departmental personnel involved in the evaluation of information supplied with the application, preparation of equipment for testing, testing, report writing, travel and on-site investigation. Also the costs of any associated travel, accommodation, meals and incidental expenses will be recovered. The time related costs will be computed in accordance with the rates in effect at the time the costs are incurred and as identified in the most recent issue of the departmental publication TRC-49.

4.5 Upon request, the Department will provide the total estimated costs for the technical services required.

4.6 The Department reserves the right to request full or partial payment of estimated costs prior to undertaking the work and to request full payment prior to the release of test results.

4.7 The name of "Industry Canada" must not be used in advertising or in any other form of promotion unless permission in writing has been given by the Minister.

5.0 Procedure

5.1 The form (Appendix I) duly completed, a covering letter and a description of technical services required shall be submitted to the Department. Applications shall be addressed to:

Director, Certification and Engineering Bureau
Industry Canada
P.O. Box 11490, Station H
3701 Carling Avenue
Building 94
Ottawa, Ontario
K2H 8S2

or to the Department regional offices listed in RIC 66, if the service is to be performed by regional personnel.

5.2 The Department will undertake the work only after a written application has been submitted and duly acknowledged and, if applicable, the deposit provisions of paragraph 4.6 has been adhered to.

5.3 After receipt of the application, the work will be scheduled by the Department to match its workload and commitments, and the applicant will be informed of the date that the work will start. The applicant must be prepared to accept some inevitable delays in this regard. Applications submitted to the Department will be scheduled on "first-come, first-serve basis". The date the application is actually received will be used for the purpose of this scheduling.

5.4 Upon completion of tests, the Department will prepare a report unless otherwise specified by the applicant.

5.5 The Department will send the applicant, two copies of the report upon reception of the total payment of the actual costs incurred.

5.6 Total charges for the project will be computed and the Department will prepare the billing.

Appendix I Application and Agreement Related to Radio Spectrum Measurements

Contact's name
Tel. No.
Applicant's address
Cheque no.
Request space to insert checkmarkTesting space to insert checkmark Repair and calibration space to insert checkmark Other (specify)
Description of services requested (specify applicable specifications, standards or requirements)
Description of item(s) for testing or repair and calibration (specify model and serial no.)
Owner and manufacturer of item(s) for testing or repair and calibration


The applicant agrees to:

  1. Accept full responsibility for all initial and subsequent departmental charges arising from this application;
  2. Fulfil all conditions and responsibilities in accordance with this procedure.
Signature of applicant
Name and title of applicant (please print or type)
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