Attachment F to Arrangement A — Channelling Arrangement for the East Coast VHF Maritime Mobile Public Correspondence

Canada/U.S.A. VHF Channelling Arrangement for East Coast VHF Maritime Mobile Public Correspondence

  1. The provisions of this arrangement apply to the Canadian and U.S. east coast waters including the St. Lawrence River east of the St. Lawrence Seaway within the coordination boundaries of Arrangement A of the Canada/U.S.A. Frequency Coordination Agreement above 30 MHz.
  2. This arrangement applies to the following public correspondence channels of Appendix 18 Mar 2 of the International Radio Regulations :
    Public correspondence channels of Appendix 18 Mar 2 of the International Radio Regulations
    Channels Ship Stations Coast Stations
    24 157.200 161.8
    84 157.225 161.825
    25 157.250 161.850
    85 157.275 161.875
    26 157.300 161.900
    86 157.325 161.925
    27 157.350 161.950
    87 157.375 161.975
    28 157.400 162.000
    88 157.425 162.025
  3. In considering that
    1. U.S. operational requirements can be satisfied by 5 channels,
    2. Canadian operational requirements can be satisfied by 4 channels,
    3. Canada and the U.S.A. will use one shared channel, the following channelling arrangement is agreed:

      Canadian channels: 24, 85, 27, 88Footnote 1
      U.S. channels: 84, 25, 86, 87, 28Footnote 2
      Shared channel: 26Footnote 3

  4. In adopting the above arrangement, it is understood that each Administration has complete flexibility in making use of its channels within the frequency coordination zone; that the option provided by footnotes 1) and 2) should not be exercised unless the proposed assignment cannot be accommodated on a channel allotted under the plan; that an assignment made under the provisions of footnote 1) or 2) should not be a bar to future utilization of the channel by the Administration to which it is allotted under this arrangement; and that such an assignment will be vacated if requested by the Administration to which the channel is allotted.
  5. This arrangement, which is subject to periodic review at the request of either Administration, supersedes the provisions set forth in the Canada/U.S.A. Exchanges of Letters dated December 10 and 16, 1965, and January 9 and June 8, 1973, insofar as they pertain to the use of the public correspondence channels stipulated in paragraph 3 above, in the area described in paragraph 1 above.
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