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Mobile Radio for Individual Taxi Operators


This brochure is intended for an individual owner/operator using a radio apparatus in a taxicab for which a radio licence is not held by the company.

Radio Station Licence - Eligibility

The holder of a radio station licence must be:

  • a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant, or
  • an incorporated company or partnership in accordance with Canadian or provincial laws.

How to Obtain a Licence

Complete the mobile radio station licence application form which is available at your taxi company's office or any Industry Canada district office.

The application, along with the appropriate radio licence fee, must be sent to the nearest Industry Canada district office. Authorization must be obtained prior to operating the radio apparatus. For the first year, the fees are prorata based on the remaining months of the fiscal year. Personnel of Industry Canada will inform you of the exact fee for each licence.

If you take your application to the nearest district office you may, upon approval, be given a temporary authorization for use until you receive your radio licence in the mail.

Licence Renewal

A radio station licence is valid for no more than one year and must be renewed by the expiry date of March 31. Licence renewal notices are mailed a few months prior to the expiry date, therefore, it is important to inform Industry Canada of any change of address.

Important Notice

Under subsection 4(1) of the Radiocommunication Act, no person shall install, operate or possess radio apparatus, except under and in accordance with a radio authorization.

A fine or imprisonment may be imposed for the operation of an unauthorized radio station.

For more information, please contact the Spectrum Management office of Industry Canada nearest you. District office locations and telephone numbers may be found in your telephone directory.

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