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Notice No. DGTP-004-97Licence Exempt Personal Communications Services in the Frequency Band 1910-1930 MHz – Spectrum Utilization Policy

Note: Rescinded and Replaced with SAB-001-05, December 2005

This notice announces the release of the spectrum utilization policy for licence exempt Personal Communications Services (PCS) operating in the frequency band 1910-1930 MHz. It addresses the principal issues governing the use of the 1910-1930 MHz band including eligibility requirements, transition rules for the displacement of incumbent fixed microwave systems, and the mandate and functions of an industry organization to facilitate the introduction of licence exempt PCS devices in Canada.

It should be noted that Industry Canada announced the designation of the 1910-1930 MHz band for licence exempt PCS devices on June 15, 1995, in the release of a policy document through Gazette Notice DGTP-005-95/DGRB-002-95 entitled Policy and Call for Applications, Wireless Personal Communications in the 2 GHz Range, Implementing PCS in Canada.

Licence exempt devices are radio apparatus which are exempt under the Radiocommunication Act from the requirement to operate under a radio licence in specified radio frequency bands and which conform to appropriate Industry Canada spectrum policies, regulations and technical standards. Licence exempt PCS (LE-PCS) can be characterized as wireless, short range, personal communication devices which may be found in homes and offices. LE-PCS may provide a full range of services including voice, data, image and limited video and system applications such as wireless local area networks (LAN) and remote equipment monitoring.

Industry Canada is pleased to announce that the Telecom Council of Electro-Federation Canada has agreed to form the industry organization referred to above. The Telecom Council will create an Industry Advisory Group to serve as a focal point for manufacturers, suppliers and services providers, including incumbent fixed service operators, to address issues relating to the introduction of licence exempt PCS devices in Canada. Interested parties should contact:

Mr. David Bell
Electro-Federation Canada
10 Carlson Court, Suite 210
Etobicoke, Ontario
M9W 6L2
Telephone: 416-674-7410

The Spectrum Utilization Policy entitled Licence Exempt Personal Communications Services in the Frequency Band 1910-1930 MHz, is available electronically via the Internet

Copies of the subject document are also available from the:

Communications Branch
Industry Canada
235 Queen Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0H5

and from the offices of Industry Canada at Moncton, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver.

April 5, 1997

Larry Shaw
Director General
Telecommunications Policy

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