Archived — Notice No. SMEP-007-95

Industry Canada

Radiocommunication Act

Notice No. SMEP-007-95

Canada And United States Agree on Acceptance of Measurement Reports for Radio Equipment Certification/authorization

Notice is hereby given that Industry Canada and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of the United States have agreed to accept, as part of their radio equipment certification/authorization requirements, measurement reports made in either the Canadian or the US format.

In this respect, in filing for a certification/authorization, a copy of the measurement report may be used in the filing to the second country, provided that the relevant sections are labelled or marked for easy location and referenced to the sections needed in the second filing. If available, a copy of the filing application to one country may be enclosed with the filing to the second country for reference purposes.

As there may be some differences between the technical standards and/or between the filing requirements of Industry Canada and the FCC, supplementary data should be supplied whenever required for the second filing.

This action is the result of continuing efforts by both organizations to improve efficiencies in the equipment certification/authorization processes. Agreements such as this will reduce the burdens on Canadian and US manufacturers, and will expedite the introduction of new technologies to both markets.

A similar public notice is being released by the FCC in the United States.

Dated at Ottawa, this 27th day of July 1995.

G.R. Begley

Director General

Spectrum Engineering

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