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Radiocommunication Act

Notice No. DGTP-010-95

Rescission of the Existing Policy Respecting the Start-Up Provision of Cellular Services

1. Introduction

The purpose of this notice is to effect changes to the policy respecting the introduction of cellular services in areas where Rogers Cantel Inc. has not yet obtained interconnection rights providing access to the public switched telephone network of the local wireline telephone company.

Canada Gazette Notice DGTP-006-95, dated May 25, 1995, invited public comments on a proposal to rescind the start-up provision of the cellular policy, pursuant to which telephone companies were permitted to commence cellular service only after six months had elapsed following the signing and regulatory approval of an agreement which gave interconnection rights to Rogers Cantel Inc. The Notice identified two primary reasons in support of the proposal to revoke the existing policy provision: the relative maturity of the cellular market, and the consequent deployment of cellular service to the remaining smaller markets of Canada being driven chiefly by service providers' business expansion plans; and the straightforward and expeditious means by which interconnection rights could now be obtained. Based on the review of the six public submissions made in response to that request and on internal study, the subject policy change has now been finalized.

2. Public submissions

None of the submissions, received by Industry Canada in response to the aforementioned Canada Gazette Notice proposing the rescission of the start-up provision of cellular service, supported retaining that provision. The only correspondent qualifying its agreement with the rescission proposal, Rogers Cantel Inc., identified other factors which were thought to warrant further consideration in respect of the matter under review, but gave its support to the proposal on the condition that the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) retain the necessary oversight for interconnection arrangements, tariff approvals for new services, and intercorporate transactions. Rogers Cantel Inc. also stated that the proposed rescission of the policy should relate only to cellular service. Industry Canada notes that the CRTC is an independent agency and its authority over the matters raised by Rodgers Cantel Inc. is in no way diminished by the revision of the subject policy. Industry Canada further notes that the subject policy provision relates only to the introduction of cellular radiotelephony service.

3. Policy Revision

The start-up provision of the cellular policy is rescinded, effective upon publication of this Notice.

The document entitled Rescission of the Existing Policy Respecting the Start-up Provision of Cellular Services is available electronically via the Internet at the following addresses:

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Dated at Ottawa this 28th day of August, 1995.

Michael Helm
Director General
Telecommunications Policy Branch

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