Archived — Letter from IC to Clearnet

January 4, 1999

Mr. Robert Simmonds
Chairman and Vice President, Regulatory/Technical
Clearnet Communications Inc.
Suite 1600
200 Consilium Place
Scarborough, Ontario
M1H 3J3

Dear Mr. Simmonds:

Industry Canada has considered the request in the Clearnet letter of October 22, 1998 for temporary relief from application of the spectrum cap. We have also reviewed the public comments received concerning your application.

Before responding to your request we require further information from Clearnet, which will be placed on the public record. Specifically, we request that Clearnet provide the following information:

Specify the geographical area(s) for which temporary relief is sought:

Within these areas, please indicate

  1. How is Clearnet's spectrum within the spectrum cap currently deployed?
  2. How would you reconfigure your systems to operate within the spectrum cap?
  3. What is the period of time required to implement appropriate system infrastructure changes to operate within the spectrum cap?
  4. What is the projected minimum spectrum required, in excess of the spectrum cap, on a temporary basis, during this period of time?
  5. Provide any additional information that Clearnet feels would assist Industry Canada in evaluating its request for temporary relief from the spectrum cap.

In addition, a commitment is required, that should your request be granted, Clearnet will meet the current spectrum cap upon termination of the period of time in iii.

All information submitted will be placed on the public record and be available for comment. For any required clarification of the specific information to be provided, please contact Carl Olsen, of our Ontario Regional Office at 416-973-6280. Further detail may be requested by the Regional Office.

We hope to be able to deal expeditiously with your request following the receipt of the additional information and any further comments which may be made.

Yours truly,

original signed by

Michael Helm
Director General
Telecommunications Policy Branch

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