Archived — Notice No. SMSE-006-99

Telecommunications Act

Notice no. SMSE-006-99— Amendments to CP-01, Issue 8 and CS-03, Issue 8

Notice is hereby given that Industry Canada is releasing Amendment 4, to Issue 8 of Certification Procedure 01 (CP-01) as well as Amendment 2 of the Certification Specification 03 (CS-03), Issue 8 dated The amendment to CP-01 includes minor editorial changes and the addition of two new equipment categories in Appendix VII. The new equipment categories in this amendment are: 37 – Pay Telephone, and 38 – Telephone with Receive Volume Control. The amendment to CS-03 includes minor editorial changes as well as clarification to some requirements and the addition to the scope of Part I of pay telephones by removing the exclusion on coin service telephone lines. Also, the provisional requirements of the document PROV-SDTD (Stuttered Dial Tone Detection) have been finalized and incorporated in Parts I and IV of CS-03. Therefore, Amendment 2 of CS-03 supercedes the document PROV-SDTD which is being repealed.

Amendment 2 to CS-03 is included in the Technical Specifications List as part of Certification Specification CS-03.

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