Archived — Notice No. SMSE-007-99

Radiocommunication Act

Notice No. SMSE-007-99

  1. Notice is hereby given that Industry Canada is releasing the following equipment standards documents:
    1. Radio Standards Specification 170 (RSS-170), Issue 1 (Provisional), Satellite Mobile Earth Stations.

      This new RSS sets out standards for transmitters and receivers for mobile earth stations (MES) (including hand-held units) used for satellite communications, in the following frequency bands: 148-150.05 MHz, 1610-1621.35 MHz, 1621.35-1626.5 MHz and 1626.5-1660.5 MHz.

    2. Radio Standards Specification 213 (RSS-213), Issue 1 (Provisional), 2 GHz Licence- Exempt Personal Communications Service Devices (PCS)

      This new RSS sets out standards relating to licence-exempt PCS devices in the bands 1910-1920 MHz (asynchronous, e.g. data) and 1920-1930 MHz (isochronous, e.g. voice).

  2. Notice is also hereby given that Industry Canada is amending the Radio Equipment Technical Standards List to reflect the addition of RSS-170 and of RSS-213. Excerpts of the revised Radio Equipment Standards List are as follows:

    Category I Equipment Standards List:

    1. RSS-170, Issue 1 (Provisional) : Satellite Mobile Earth Stations.
    2. RSS-213, Issue 1 (Provisional) : 2 GHz Licence-Exempt Personal Communications
      Services (PCS) Devices

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Note that the above RSSs and the Radio Equipment Technical Standards: (English version); (French version). Hard copies of the documents are available, for a fee, from:

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