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Industry Canada
Radiocommunication Act

Notice No. SMBR-001-99

Broadcasting Procedures and Rules, Part 6 (BPR-6) – Provisional Technical Standards and Procedures for Multipoint Distribution Television Systems (MDS-TV)

Industry Canada announces the publication of Broadcasting Procedures and Rules, Part 6 (BPR-6) – Provisional. The document outlines the technical standards and the operational requirements for digital and analogue Multipoint Distribution Television Systems operating in the 2596-2686 MHz band.

Broadcasting Procedures and Rules, Part 6, Provisional will supersede the existing Sections H and I of Broadcasting Procedures and Rules, Part 4 (BPR-4). BPR-4 will be amended in the near future to reflect these deletions. In addition, since all relevant specifications for emissions are now included in BPR-6, the Broadcasting Equipment Technical Standards 10 (BETS-10) entitled "Technical Standards and Requirements for Television Transmitters in the 2,596 – 2,686 MHz Band" is no longer applicable and will be removed from the Equipment Standards List.

The 2596–2686 MHz band is allocated to broadcasting services. MDS-TV applications in this band are typically for multichannel television broadcasting (also called wireless cable). BPR-6 will provide a framework for MDS-TV licensees to increase their channel capacity and provide a broad array of service offerings through the use of digital technology and digital compression techniques.

Copies of this Gazette Notice and of Broadcasting Procedures and Rules, Part 6 Provisional are available electronically on the Internet at the following address: for the English version
and for the French version.

Interested parties may submit comments on the BPR-6 Provisional to the Director General, Spectrum Engineering Branch, Department of Industry, 300 Slater Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0C8, or at the Internet address

Comments should be submitted no later than 90 days from the date of publication of this notice. Comments received will be made available on written request to the Director General of the Spectrum Engineering Branch, Industry Canada, 300 Slater Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0C8.

Dated at Ottawa this 17th day of April 1999

R. W. McCaughern
Director General
Spectrum Engineering Branch

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