Archived — Information Bulletin — May 28, 1999

OTTAWA, May 28, 1999 -- John Manley, Minister of Industry, announced today that Canada will immediately begin the licensing process for new broadband spectrum in the 24 and 38 GHz frequency bands. Access to this spectrum will allow Canadian companies to accommodate the increasing demand for high-capacity local access infrastructure required for high speed Internet and electronic commerce applications. An auction will be used for the first time in Canada to assign spectrum.

"The telecommunications industry is moving at a rapid pace," said Minister Manley. "Providing easy access to leading-edge wireless broadband telecommunications is a crucial step in our connectedness agenda. Given the worldwide developments in telecommunications, we are responding to the needs of Canadian businesses and entrepreneurs to make spectrum available for new services." This initiative helps strengthen the federal government's commitment to make Canada the world's most connected nation by the year 2000 and will promote the development of a leading-edge Canadian wireless broadband infrastructure.

To participate in the auction, companies must submit completed applications with financial deposits to the department by August 6, 1999. The auction is expected to begin in early October, 1999. Details of the policy and licensing process are provided in the document Policy and Licensing Procedures for the Auction of the 24 and 38 GHz Frequency Bands.

Industry Canada will be holding auction seminars to provide information concerning pre-auction procedures, the auction design and rules, as well as a demonstration of the software to be used. The first seminar will be held in Vancouver on June 4. The dates and location for other seminars, the policy and procedures, as well as other relevant documentation, are posted on the Spectrum Management and Telecommunication web site at: (

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