Dates Relating to the 24 and 38 GH Licensing Process

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Event Date
Information Bulletin - Minister Manley Announces Canada's First Spectum Auction for New Broadband Services May 28, 1999
Publication of Canada Gazette Notice DGRB-003-99/DGTP-005-99 - Release of Policy and Licensing Procedures May 29, 1999

Pre-auction Information Sessions Presentation

Software Demonstration

June 4, 1999 - Vancouver
June 11, 1999 - Ottawa
June 15, 1999 - Montréal
June 17, 1999 - Halifax
June 21, 1999 - Calgary
June 23, 1999 - Toronto
Deadline for receipt of Notification of Interest July 9, 1999
Deadline for receipt of written questions July 9, 1999
Date on which list of those who participated in Notification of Interest process was published
(PDF Format, 365 KB)
July 12, 1999
Date on which answers to written questions were posted
(PDF Format, 16 KB)
July 27, 1999
Deadline for receipt of applications to participate in the auction August 6, 1999
Date on which list of applicants to participate in the auction was published - Information Bulletin August 20, 1999
Date on which list of qualified bidders was published September 8, 1999
Mock auction for qualified bidders October 5, 6, 7 & 8, 1999
Opening day of bidding October 18, 1999
Auction Close November 19, 1999 *

* Note: The auction normally closes when a round concludes with: (a) no bids or withdrawals being submitted; and (b) no proactive waivers having been submitted. The auction generally does not close until stage three has been reached.

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