Authorized and Approved Mobile Satellite Service Providers

Spectrum Licences
Licence Holder Satellite System
CalAmp Wireless Network Inc. SkyTerra-1
exactEarth Ltd. ADS-02 / ADS-03
Gamma Acquisition Canada ULC TerreStar-1
Globalstar Canada Satellite Co. GLOBALSTAR
Inmarsat Canada Holdings, Inc. Inmarsat
Inmarsat Solutions (Canada) Inc. Inmarsat
Iridium Satellite Canada Ltd. IRIDIUM
LightSquared Corp. MSAT-1 / MSAT-2 / SkyTerra-1
OuterLink Canada Corporation MSAT-2
Shaw Satellite Services Inc. ANIK F2 / TELSTAR 5
SITA Information Networking Computing Canada Inc. INMARSAT
SkyTerra (Canada) Inc. MSAT-1
SkyTerra (Canada) Inc. MSAT-1 / MSAT-2 / SkyTerra-1
SkyWave Mobile Communications Inc. INMARSAT
SpaceQuest Canada Inc. LATINSAT
TerreStar Solutions Inc. TerreStar-1
Wireless Matrix Corporation MSAT-2

Other Mobile Service Authorizations
Licence Holder
Connexion by Boeing of Canada Company
Gogo Connectivity Ltd.
Panasonic Canada Inc.
ViaSat Canada Company
32221777 Nova Scotia Limited

Approvals in Principle Issued
Applicant Satellite System
SkyTerra (Canada) Inc. MSV-1
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