Archived — Applications for the Auction of the 24 GHz and 38 GHz licences

OTTAWA, August 20, 1999 -- Industry Canada announced today that it has received 18 applications from parties wishing to participate in the planned 24 and 38 GHz spectrum auction scheduled to begin on October 18, 1999. Access to this spectrum will assist Canadian companies to respond to the increasing demand for high-capacity local access infrastructure required for high-speed Internet and electronic commerce applications.

The applications came from various enterprises both new and existing, small and large. Deposits totalling $75,042,500 were received in the form of irrevocable standby letters of credit.

National and local level communications firms obviously view the auction as an opportunity to obtain access to this spectrum and to explore new ways of delivering communication services. Industry Canada is encouraged by the high level of interest as it bodes well for the realization of the auction policy objective to increase competition in the provision of broadband services to Canadian businesses.

Canada's first spectrum auction for new broadband services will be conducted over the Internet and will employ Canadian encryption and digital signature technology to ensure that the electronic transactions are secure and confidential. With this auction, Industry Canada is 'walking the talk' and is demonstrating leadership and commitment to electronic commerce, with another Canadian first - the first country in the world to employ digital signatures as part of its spectrum auction software. By going on-line, Industry Canada wishes to provide better and faster service to citizens and businesses.

Details of the submissions, deposits and points as well as a list of applicants are available on Spectrum Management and Telecommunication's web site at: ( Interested parties will also be able to monitor the auction on this web site when it begins in October.

For more information, please contact:

Earl Hoeg
Manager, Wireless Networks
Industry Canada

Applications for the Auction of the 24 GHz and 38 GHz licences

August 6, 1999

Applicant Deposit Points
3537951 Canada Ltd. $9,630,000 3852
3645908 Canada Inc. $9,630,000 3852
3645932 Canada Inc. $9,630,000 3852
ABC Allen Business Communications Ltd. $7,500 3
AT&T Canada Telecom Services Company $9,630,000 3852
BC Tel Mobility Cellular Inc. $9,630,000 3852
BCE Nexxia Inc. $2,000,000 800
Call-Net Technology Services Inc. $2,500,000 1000
Firstmark Communications Canada Inc. $4,815,000 1926
Gateway Telephone Limited $180,000 72
Northwestel Mobility Inc $10,000 4
Skycable Inc. $1,530,000 612
Stream Intelligent Networks Corp $4,000,000 1600
TD Capital Group Limited $3,700,000 1480
Teligent Canada Inc. $2,490,000 996
Vidéotron Télécom ltée $720,000 288
WaveCom Electronics Inc. $125,000 50
Wispra Networks Inc. $4,815,000 1926

Note: This list represents the companies that submitted applications to participate in the auction of the 24 and 38 GHz bands, but in no way implies that they have been approved as qualified bidders. A review of these applications is currently under way and the list of qualified bidders, the licences on which they are eligible to bid, and their initial level of eligibility points will be made public on Industry Canada's web site in late August.

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