Archived—Industry Canada Announces the Designation of a Learning Authority for the Province of Quebec

OTTAWA, September 2, 1999 – Industry Canada announced today the designation of the Learning Authority for Quebec, as part of the licensing process for Multipoint Communications Systems (MCS) in the 2500 MHz band.

In June 1999, Industry Canada published the policy and licensing procedures for MCS at 2500 MHz. A list of designated Learning Authorities for each service area was provided, with the exception of the Quebec service area, where official designation by the Government of Quebec was pending. This designation has now been confirmed and Industry Canada is pleased to announced the designation of the following organization as the Learning Authority for Quebec:

Contact person: René-Jean Mercier
Tittle Directeur général, Production et Technologies
Organization: Société de Télédiffusion du Québec (Télé-Québec)
Address: 1000 rue Fullum, Montréal (Québec) H2K 3L7
Telephone: 514-521-2424
Fax: 514-873-7739

Further, while the policy document indicates that October 11, 1999 is the deadline to submit applications, Industry Canada will accept applications on October 12, 1999, as October 11, 1999, is a statutory holiday. Applicants are reminded that their application must be received by Industry Canada before 5:00 pm EDT on October 12, 1999. Because of unforeseen delays that may occur in communicating through the Internet, applicants who send their application via e-mail are strongly advised to use a least one other alternative method of delivery to ensure timely receipt. The policy and licensing procedures document and the updated list of Learning Authorities can be found electronically on Industry Canada's web site at:

For more information, please contact: 

Mélanie Robert
Telecommunications Analyst
Industry Canada

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