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Industry Canada

Radiocommunication Act

Notice No. SMSE-011-99

  1. Notice is hereby given that Industry Canada is amending the following Radio Standards Specifications (RSSs). The amended versions are:
    1. Radio Standards Specification 123 (RSS-123), Issue 1, Rev. 1, Low Power Licensed Radiocommunication Devices.
    2. Radio Standards Specification 128 (RSS-128), Issue 2, 800 MHz Dual-Mode TDMA Cellular Telephones.
    3. Radio Standards Specification 129 (RSS-129), Issue 2, 800 MHz Dual-Mode CDMA Cellular Telephones.
    4. Radio Standards Specification 133 (RSS-133), Issue 2, GHz Personal Communication Services.
    5. Radio Standards Specification 137 (RSS-137), Issue 1, Rev. 1, Location and Monitoring Service (902-928 MHz).

    A summary of the main changes is provided in the preface of each of the above documents.

  2. Notice is also given that Industry Canada is releasing the following new standard document:
    1. Radio Standards Specification 102 (RSS-102), Issue 1 (Provisional), Evaluation Procedure for Mobile and Portable Radio Transmitters with respect to Health Canada's Safety Code 6 for Exposure of Humans to Radio Frequency Fields.
  3. These amendments and the new standard have been coordinated with the Radio Advisory Board of Canada (RABC).
  4. The Radio Equipment Technical Standards List in the Industry Canada web site is also being amended to reflect the above changes.

Any inquiries on this Notice should be directed to: Manager, Radio Equipment Standards;; telephone: 613-990-4699/fax: 613-990-3158.

Note that the above RSSs and the Radio Equipment Technical Standards List are available in English and French on the Internet at: (English version) (French version)

Hard copies of the documents are available, for a fee, from:

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