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Notice No. DGTP-006-99 — Amendments to the Microwave Spectrum Utilization Policies In the 1-3 Ghz Frequency Range - SP 1-3 GHz

The purpose of this Notice is to announce a spectrum policy paper that will make spectrum utilization changes in the 1-3 GHz frequency range.

This Notice follows the August 1997 release of a spectrum utilization policy consultation paper entitled Proposals to Provide New Opportunities for the Use of the Radio Spectrum in the 1-20 GHz Frequency Range, Gazette Notice DGTP-006-97, which solicited comments on numerous proposals throughout the 1-20 GHz frequency range.

In response to this consultation paper, the Department has received a wide range of submissions relating to the 1-3 GHz frequency range, which were taken into consideration when developing the policy paper. In particular, the policy paper addresses the following:

  • spectrum for narrowband multipoint communication systems at 1.4 GHz for fixed telemetry applications for automatic meter reading;
  • a transition policy to facilitate the introduction of mobile satellite services in the bands 1990-2025 MHz and 2160-2200 MHz;
  • changes to the spectrum for fixed services in the bands 2025-2110 MHz and 2200-2285 MHz for point-to-point, TV-pickup and subscriber radio systems; and
  • clarification of fixed services in the band 1700-1850 MHz.

It should be noted that the designation of new spectrum at 1.4 GHz to support fixed telemetry applications for automatic meter reading will come into effect on March 1, 2000. The Department is of the view that licensing on a first-come, first-served basis will be adequate to handle the demand for spectrum within the provisions of the spectrum policy. Radio applications will begin to be considered on March 1, 2000. If there is more spectrum demand than supply in certain urban areas, the Department may proceed with a competitive licensing process after consulting with the applicants.

As well, the Department has outlined particular licensing provisions for fixed telemetry applications at 1.4 GHz in order to proceed efficiently with a first-come, first-served process.

Comments on spectrum licensing fees for narrowband multipoint communication systems at 1.4 GHz for fixed telemetry applications for automatic meter reading

Comments are welcome on the proposed spectrum licensing fees for narrowband multipoint communication systems (refer to Section 2.3.2 in this policy paper). The comments, which will be made public, should be submitted on or before December 31, 1999 to

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