Archived—Industry Canada Announces that Eight Companies are Competing for Licences to Provide New Wireless Communications Services

OTTAWA, October 14, 1999 -- Industry Canada announced today that eight companies have submitted applications to obtain a licence to operate Multipoint Communications Systems (MCS) in the 2500 MHz band for various areas across Canada, as part of a licensing process launched in June 1999.

Successful licensees will be able to beam services such as voice, data, multimedia and broadcasting directly to subscribers via MCS airwaves. Since its delivery is wireless, MCS is a rapid and cost-effective way to deploy services to residences and small and medium businesses.

One licence is available in each of 13 defined service areas across the country. The licences will be granted to those applicants who successfully demonstrate a capacity to establish a commercially- and technically-sound service while supporting the advancement of learning. In consultation with designated Learning Authorities across the country, applicants have prepared Learning Plans describing services, content and/or infrastructure that they plan to offer to the learning community, within their commercial services, if they receive a licence.

Public comments are sought on the benefits that each applicant's Learning Plan would bring to the communities they wish to serve. Public input received on the Learning Plans will be taken into account during the Department's evaluation.

Learning Plans will be posted on Industry Canada's Strategis web site at: To ensure due consideration, comments should be submitted prior to November 19, 1999. The list of applicants, along with associated documents and references can also be found on this web site.

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