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Notice No. DGRB-015-99 — Call for Expressions of Interest to Develop and Operate a Fixed Satellite Space Stationin Orbital Position 118.7° W Longitude to Serve the Canadian Market and Beyond

This Gazette Notice announces the release of a paper, under the above title, that invites interested persons to make submissions to Industry Canada with respect to their interest in developing and operating a fixed satellite space station in the 118.7° W orbital position. As well, the Department invites comments on the nature of a potential competitive process that may be used to license the space station.

In November 1997, the Minister of Industry granted approval for Telesat Canada to use two orbital positions to replace their aging Anik E satellites with advanced Anik F satellites. At the time, the Minister indicated that the process to assign the remaining two orbital positions (114.9° W and 118.7° W longitude) for the C (6/4 GHz) and Ku (14/11 GHz) bands would be open to all eligible, interested parties. The Policy Framework for the Provision of Fixed Satellite Services, released in December 1998, provided further information that an open process would be initiated after the Department received a well substantiated request or expression of interest to use the orbital resources.

The Department wishes to inform potential interested parties that an Expression of Interest filing has been received from Telesat Canada to construct and operate a Canadian geostationary fixed satellite-service space station in the orbital position located at 118.7° W that is designed to serve the Canadian market and beyond. Consequently, the first step is to establish whether there is additional demand for the orbital position. If there were no other demand for this orbital position, the Department would proceed with first-come, first-served licensing.

To satisfy the Department's objective that the licensing process is transparent, fair and timely for interested parties wishing to access this orbital position, a call for Expressions of Interest is initiated with this Notice. A 45-day period is provided for Canadian companies to make submissions of Expressions of Interest to the Department in order to establish the demand for this fixed satellite orbital position. The interested parties must be, or be able to become, a Canadian carrier, and must meet the Canadian ownership and control requirements under the Telecommunications Act. As well, they must be prepared to meet certain conditions of licence requirements.The interested parties will have to make their submission within the requirements prescribed in the paper.

This paper also solicits comments on the nature of a competitive licensing process, if one is required.

In order to be eligible for consideration, interested parties must submit their Expressions of Interest and comments about a competitive process to Industry Canada in accordance with the instruction in the referenced paper no later than December 15, 1999. Following the close of the submission period, a list of interested parties and comments relating to the nature of a potential competitive process will be made available to the public.

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