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Notice No. DGRB-017-99 —  Procedure to License Fixed Earth Stations and to Approve the Use of Foreign Fixed Satellite Service Satellites in Canada

This Notice announces the release of Industry Canada's interim 2-6-01 (CPC-2-6-01, Provisional), Procedure for the Submission of Applications to License Fixed Earth Stations and to Approve the Use of Foreign Fixed Service Satellites (FSS) in Canada. This procedure can be found on the Industry Canada Web site at the address noted below.

Industry Canada released Radio Systems Policy 008 (RP-008), Policy Framework for the Provision of Fixed Satellite Services, in December 1998. By means of this policy framework, Canada has liberalized many aspects of the provision of fixed satellite service (FSS) communications in Canada. As a consequence of this liberalization and of other related commitments made in the policy framework, many aspects of Industry Canada's existing radio licence application procedure for fixed earth stations require modification. This circular contains an interim earth station licence application procedure that will immediately accommodate provisions in FSSsatellites. Further, consistent with another commitment made in the FSS policy framework, a consultation with the public on a new streamlined licensing process, including the use of spectrum licences, to authorize the operation of fixed satellite services in Canada will follow next year.

Under the interim licence application procedure, most applicants for earth station radio licences will follow a revised one-step procedure. However, the option of submitting a letter of intent to establish an earth station will continue to be used for cases where an applicant wishes to seek some assurance that a licence can be issued. In addition, the special procedure, available only for certain Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) networks, is broadened to be applicable to all earth station networks involving significant numbers of the same type of earth station.

This licence application procedure replaces the licence application procedures and eligibility requirements currently set out in Radio Standards Procedure 114 (RSP-114), Licence Application Procedure for Planned Earth Stations in Space Radio Communications Services, and Radio Standards Procedure 116 (RSP-116), Licence Application Procedure for Planned Television and/or Radio Receive Only (TVRO) Earth Stations in the Fixed-Satellite Service. However, the technical standards outlined in RSP-114 and RSP-116 will remain in effect.

Further, in carrying out the commitment announced in the policy framework to establish a procedure by which foreign satellite operators may submit technical and administrative information on satellite stations to facilitate subsequent approvals of earth station licence applications, this circular also sets out a procedure to apply for approval for the use of foreign FSS satellites in the Canadian market. A list of satellite stations approved to provide fixed satellite services in Canada is included in the circular, and an updated list will be made available on Industry Canada's website.

This Client Procedures Circular is in effect provisionally from the date of publication of this Notice. Comments on the provisional procedures are sought from all interested parties. Submissions should be addressed to the Director, Space and International Regulatory Activities, Industry Canada, at the following Internet address: To ensure your comments are considered, submissions should be received within 90 days of the date of publication of this Notice. All submissions must cite the Notice's publication date, title and reference number. Submissions can also be submitted to the Director by mail at: 300 Slater Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0C8.

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