Fact Sheet — Siting Wireless Communications Systems on Federal Property in Canada

Wireless telecommunications services are an economic enabler that help Canadian businesses compete more effectively in our new economy. By making its property available for the siting of antennas, the federal government is encouraging the development of networks that will facilitate the transmission of information for purposes such as learning, accessing government services, and deploying electronic commerce.

Want to access federal property?

You may wish to access federal property for a number of reasons. It may be that you wish to install the necessary radio apparatus to provide wireless communications for federal government customers, non-government customers, or your own business. Whatever the reason may be, your first step will be to approach the custodian department's property manager and indicate your interest. As part of the process, you will likely be required to enter into a licence agreement with the custodian department to ensure that all parties are aware of their responsibilities. Given the goal of development of infrastructure, it would be inappropriate to issue licence agreements on an exclusive basis.

Users of federal property must respect the procedures established by Industry Canada that take into consideration the potential impact of antennas and their supporting structures on their surroundings. These procedures are available in Client Procedures Circular 2-0-03 (CPC-2-0-03), entitled Environmental Process, Radiofrequency Fields and Land-Use Consultation.

Have you been approached for access?

If you are a custodian department and have been approached by someone who wishes to install radio apparatus on property for which you are responsible, there are a few things you should bear in mind.

By making its property available, the federal government is encouraging the efficient and timely implementation of wireless communications and the associated infrastructure build-out while stimulating economic growth.

Notwithstanding this initiative, custodian departments will continue to retain the right to approve all requests for site access. These departments may approve a request based on how appropriate and reasonable the request is, taking into consideration physical, personnel and technical security.

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