Archived — News Release: Minister Manley Announces Provisional Licence Winners of Canada's First Spectrum Auction

OTTAWA, November 22, 1999 -- John Manley, Minister of Industry, today announced the provisional licence winners of Canada's first spectrum auction. Of the 13 original bidders, 12 are eligible to receive licences in the 24 and 38 GHz frequency bands. Access to this spectrum will allow these companies to provide broadband services in all areas of Canada and accommodate the increasing demand for high-capacity local access infrastructure required for high-speed Internet and electronic commerce applications.

"Providing easy access to leading-edge wireless broadband telecommunications is a crucial step in the Government of Canada's goal to improve the Canadian information infrastructure", said Minister Manley. "This will support the exchange of ideas and the conduct of business over computer networks, help connect even more Canadians to the information highway and accelerate the adoption of electronic commerce."

The auction process allowed Industry Canada to quickly and efficiently assign the largest number of licences ever awarded in a single process with 260 licences going to the 12 companies, who bid more than $171 million for the right to offer broadband services to Canadians. National and local level communications firms alike will now have an opportunity to obtain access to this spectrum and to explore new ways of delivering communication services.

The auction was conducted securely over the Internet employing Canadian public key infrastructure (PKI) encryption and digital signature technologies to ensure the bids' confidentiality and authenticity. This initiative demonstrates Industry Canada's resolve to lead the charge in putting government on-line and becoming a model user of information technology and the Internet.

Details on the results of the auction and the list of provisional winners can be found on Spectrum Management and Telecommunication's web site at: (

Earl Hoeg
Manager, Wireless Networks
Industry Canada

Provisional Licence Winner Sum of Total High Bids Number of Licences where it is the Provisional Winner Average of Spectrum per Area (rounded to nearest 50 MHz)
Wispra Networks Inc. $74,020,000 6 400 MHz
3645932 Canada Inc. (Norigen) $39,876,100 37 300 MHz
3537951 Canada Ltd. (AirWaves) $23,240,000 7 250 MHz
Stream Intelligent Networks Corp $22,467,000 92 250 MHz
AT&T Canada Telecom Services Company $7,903,800 21 400 MHz
3645908 Canada Inc. (Dolphin) $3,118,200 70 500 MHz
BC Tel Mobility Cellular Inc. $913,320 7 400 MHz
Gateway Telephone Limited $158,600 10 400 MHz
WaveCom Electronics Inc. $124,000 6 200 MHz
ABC Allen Business Communications Ltd. $7,500 1 100 MHz
Northwestel Mobility Inc $5,000 2 200 MHz
Skycable Inc. $5,000 1 100 MHz
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