Archived — Auction of the 24 GHz and 38 GHz Frequency Bands

Fact Sheet

Date October 18, 1999 - November 19, 1999
Licences 354 licences, 6 licences in each of 59 Tier-3 Service Areas
Spectrum Block A: 24,250-24,450 MHz and 25,050-25,250 MHz bands
Block B: 38,700-38,900 MHz and 39,400-39,600 MHz bands
Block C: 38,900-38,950 MHz and 39,600-39,650 MHz bands
Block D: 38,950-39,000 MHz and 39,650-39,700 MHz bands
Block E: 39,000-39,050 MHz and 39,700-39,750 MHz bands
Block F: 39,050-39,100 MHz and 39,750-39,800 MHz bands
Bandwidth Licences for blocks A and B are 400 MHz each;
licences for blocks C, D, E and F are 100 MHz each.
Number of Rounds 117
Number of
Bidding Days
Qualified Bidders 13
Winning Bidders 12 bidders won 260 licences
96 licences are still held by Industry Canada
Total Winning Bids $171,838,520
Withdrawal /

Access to spectrum in the 24 and 38 GHz frequency bands provides Canadian companies with a means to accommodate the increased demand for high-capacity local access infrastructure that is required for high-speed Internet and electronic commerce applications. This is the first time the auction process has been used in Canada to assign spectrum.

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