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Telecommunications Act

Notice No. DGTP-001-2000 — Petition to the Governor in Council

Notice is hereby given that a petition from Call-Net Enterprises Inc. has been received by the Governor in Council under Section 12 of the Telecommunications Act in regard to the following decision issued by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC): Unbundled Local Loop Fixed-Rate Service Order Charges, Telecom Decision CRTC 99-15, September 29, 1999. The request is based on several reasons included in the petition.

Telecom Decision CRTC 99-15 denied a Call-Net proposal for modifying the fixed-rate service order charge that applies when competitive local exchange carriers lease unbundled local loops from the incumbent telephone companies and established new rates for fixed-rate service order charges.

Submissions on this petition should be addressed to, Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to the Cabinet, Langevin Block, 80 Wellington Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0A3. A copy of the submission should also be sent to, Director General, Telecommunications Policy Branch, 16th Floor, 300 Slater Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0C8. All submissions should indicate that they are in response to the above mentioned petition and cite the Canada Gazette Part I Notice publication date, title, and the Notice reference number DGTP 001-2000.

Respondents are also strongly encouraged to provide a copy of their submission in electronic format (WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF or ASCII TXT) to facilitate posting on the Department's web site. Documents submitted via electronic media should be sent to

As required under Section 13 of the Telecommunications Act, the designated provincial and territorial ministers were provided the opportunity to comment on this petition by letter dated January 14, 2000. Their comments have been requested within 30 days.

This petition and any petition or submission made in response to it may be inspected by the public during normal business hours at the Industry Canada library, 235 Queen Street, Ottawa, and the offices of Industry Canada in Moncton, Montréal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver. Copies of the petition and of petitions or submissions received in response to it may be obtained electronically at or by mail order or over the counter from ByPress Printing and Copy Centre Inc., 300 Slater Street, Unit 101A, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 6A6, (613) 234-8826. Reasonable costs of duplication will be charged. It is the responsibility of interested parties to check the public record from time to time to keep abreast of submissions received.

Michael Helm
Director General
Telecommunications Policy

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