Information Bulletin - Issuance of a spectrum licence to the Railway Association of Canada

OTTAWA, March 31, 2000 -- Industry Canada today announced that a single omnibus radio authorization, the first spectrum licence in the land mobile service, will be issued to the Railway Association of Canada (RAC) under the Radiocommunication Act. The RAC, which represents more than 98 per cent of the Canadian railway industry, will be issued this single licence that will replace approximately 4,900 radio licences currently issued to its members.

This initiative is intended to make the railway industry more competitive in a north-south business environment by giving them the flexibility to play a more active role in the organization, expansion and deployment of their radio networks.

To ensure the necessary coordination of radio frequencies, the railway industry will take advantage of Canada's advanced Information Highway infrastructure. All transactions associated with the spectrum licence will be conducted over the Internet.

This partnership between Industry Canada and the Railway Association of Canada paves the way for other large users with extensive radio frequency holdings, such as wireless service providers, wide area network operators and government users. This constitutes another step in Government of Canada's Connecting Canadians Strategy - aimed at making Canada the most connected nation in the world.

For more information, please contact:

Darius Breau
Manager, Operational Policies
Industry Canada
Telephone: 613-990-4736

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