Industry Canada Approves Sale And Use Of Family Radio Service Devices In Canada

OTTAWA, April 3, 2000 – Industry Canada today announced the release of a spectrum utilization policy permitting the sale and use of hand-held two-way radio units in Canada.

This policy will allow Canadian retailers to fulfill consumer demand for this product, known as a Family Radio Service (FRS) device.

FRS units provide consumers with a low-cost means of short-range (one-kilometre radius) communication ideal for families and groups needing to keep in touch with each other during recreational activities like camping, hiking and shopping. Unlike cellular phones, FRS units do not require licensing fees or service charges.

Developed through wide-range consultation with industry, this policy responds to the desire of distributors and retailers wishing to establish a Canadian FRS market.

This document and the associated Canada Gazett notice (DGTP-004-2000) are available on-line at:

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David Warnes
Senior Advisor, Spectrum Policy
Industry Canada

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