Archived — Consultation on a New Fee and Licensing Regime for Cellular and Incumbent Personal Communications Services (PCS) Licensees

Appendix A

Cellular List

The following is a list of all cellular licensees in Canada:

National:  Rogers Wireless Inc.


Ameltecom Inc.
Bell Mobility Cellular Inc.
Brooke Telecom Co-Operative Ltd.
Bruce Municipal Telephone System
Cochrane Cellular Mobility
Corporation of the Town of Kenora
Corporation of the City of Thunder Bay
Dryden Mobility
Execulink Telecom Inc. (formerly Hurontario Telephones Limited)
Hay Communications
Huron Telecommunications
Gosfield North Communications
Lansdowne Rural Telephone Co. Ltd.
Mornington Communications
Nexicom Telecommunications Inc.
NorTel Mobility Inc. (Northern Telephone Limited)
North Frontenac Telephone Co. Ltd.
North Renfrew Telephone Co. Ltd.
O.N. Tel Inc.
People's Communications Inc.
Quadro Communications Co-operative
Roxbororough Telephone Co. Ltd.
Superior Wireless Inc.
Tuckersmith Communications
Westport Telephone Company Limited
Wightman Telephone Limited


Bell Cellulaire Inc.
CoopTel (Le Syndicat coopératif de éléphone de Valcourt)
La Cie de Téléphone de Courcelles Inc.
La Compagnie de Téléphone de Lambton Inc.
La Compagnie de Téléphone de St-Victor
La Compagnie de Téléphone de Warwick
La Compagnie de Téléphone de Nantes Inc.
La Compagnie de Téléphone de Upton
La Compagnie de Téléphone de La Baie
Le Téléphone de St-Éphrem Inc.
Le Téléphone de St-Liboire de Bagot Inc.
Téléphone Milot Inc.
SOCIETE TELE-MOBILE (formerly QuébecTel Communications
SogeTel Mobilité Inc.
Télébec Mobilité
Téléphone Guèvremont Inc.


Aliant Telecom Inc.


MTS Mobility Inc.
SaskTel Cellular
TELE-MOBILE COMPANY (formerly TELUS Mobility Inc.)


City of Prince Rupert
NorthWest Tel Mobility Inc.
TELE-MOBILE COMPANY (formerly TELUS Mobility Inc.)


NorthWest Tel Mobility Inc.


NorthWest Tel Mobility Inc.


NorthWest Tel Mobility Inc.

Appendix B

Generic Cellular Spectrum Licence (existing)


The cellular mobile radiotelephone (cellular) five-year special authorization issued to [company], on April 4, 1996, will expire on March 31, 2001. By this letter and under the authority granted to me under the Radiocommunication Act, I am renewing that authorization with this five-year spectrum licence for the provision of a national cellular mobile radiotelephone service using the frequencies listed in Sub-Band [A/B] as indicated in Standard Radio System Plan 503 (SRSP-503) for the period of April 1, 2001 to March 31, 2006.

The conditions attached to this authorization remain unchanged at this time. Industry Canada recognizes, however, that there is an interest among some of the Personal Communication Service (PCS) and cellular providers in securing terms and conditions similar to those associated with recently auctioned PCS spectrum licences. Interest has been expressed in enhanced privileges such as transferability and divisibility as well as in a longer licence term. The Department intends to engage in a public consultation on these and other matters such as fees and other licence terms and conditions within the coming year. The Department anticipates that at the end of this consultation it will give effect to its conclusions by making suitable amendments to this authorization.

May I take this opportunity to wish you continued success in the provision of cellular mobile radiotelephone service to Canadians.


Jan Skora
Director General
Radiocommunications and Broadcasting
Regulatory Branch


Cellular Mobile Radiotelephone Service Provider
Conditions for Operating Authority (existing)

The following conditions apply to all licensees for cellular mobile radiotelephone services.

  1. You must undertake research and development related to wireless telecommunications activities. As a minimum, you must invest 2 per cent of your adjusted gross revenue resulting from your cellular mobile radiotelephone operations, averaged over the next five years. Eligible research and development is that which meets the definition adopted by Revenue Canada.

    Adjusted gross revenues are defined as total service revenues less inter-carrier payments, bad debt, third party commissions, and provincial and goods and services taxes collected.

  2. You must comply with the eligibility criteria as set out in section 16 of the Telecommunications Act and the Canadian Telecommunications Common Carrier Ownership and Control Regulations.

    You must notify the Minister of any change in the ownership and control requirements which would have a material effect on your ownership or control in fact. Such notification must be made in advance for any of the proposed transactions within your knowledge.

  3. You must submit an annual report for each of the five years of this operating authority indicating your continued compliance with these licence conditions including: 
    • an audited statement of research and development expenditures as required in condition 1 above for the fiscal year covered by the report;
    • a description of research and development activities including their distribution in Canada's regions;
    • a copy of any existing corporate annual report for your fiscal year with respect to this authorization.

    The reports are to be submitted, in writing within 120 days of your fiscal year end, to the Director, Spectrum Management Operations, Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulatory Branch.

  4. You must obtain site specific authority, normally in the form of a radio licence, prior to installing or operating any cellular mobile radiotelephone base stations.
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