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Notice Notice No. DGRB-006-01 —  Consultation on the Auction of Spectrum Licences for Wireless Communication Services in the 2300 MHz Band and Fixed Wireless Access in the 3500 MHz Band  —  Proposed Policy, Licensing Procedures and Technical Considerations

The purpose of this Notice is to invite public comments on the proposed policy, licensing procedures and technical considerations for the auction of spectrum licences for the Wireless Communication Service (WCS) Band or 2300 MHz Band (2305 - 2320 MHz and 2345 - 2360 MHz), and the Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) Band or 3500 MHz Band
(3400 - 3700 MHz).

The Department's Guidelines on the Licensing Process and Spectrum Release Plan (DGTP-04-99) identified the FWA band at 3500 MHz as one which, based on anticipated demand, would require a competitive licensing process when it is opened to urban areas and large communities. The spectrum at 2300 MHz which was designated for WCS in a recent utilization policy paper dealing with the frequency range 2285-2483.5 MHz (DGTP-003-01), has similar capabilities and anticipated demand as the spectrum for FWA at 3500 MHz. The similarities between the two bands make dealing with both bands within a single consultation process efficient.

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Interested parties should submit their comments in electronic format (WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF or ASCII TXT) to facilitate posting on the Department's Web site. All comments should be prefaced by the heading "Comments - Canada Gazette Notice DGRB-006-01".

Comments should be sent to: no later than October 15, 2001.

Comments received will be posted on Industry Canada's Spectrum Web site:

Reply comments on these initial submissions will then be invited. Again, respondents should provide their comments in electronic format (Word Perfect, Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF or ASCII TXT) to facilitate posting on the Department's Web site. Reply comments submitted should be prefaced by the heading: "Reply comments - Canada Gazette Notice DGRB-006-01".

Reply comments should be sent to the Internet address no later than November 1, 2001.

Reply comments will also be made available to the public via Industry Canada's Web site.

Jan Skora
Director General
Radiocommunications and Broadcasting Regulatory Branch

Michael Helm
Director General
Telecommunications Policy Branch

Robert McCaughern
Director General
Spectrum Engineering Branch

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