Notice No. SMSE-024-01

Industry Canada

Radiocommunication Act

Notice No. SMSE-024-01

This Notice announces the release of the following Standard Radio System Plans (SRSP):

1. Technical Requirements for Fixed Line-of-Sight Radio Systems Operating in the Bands 1427-1452 MHz and 1492-1517 MHz, (SRSP-301.4, Issue 3). This SRSP states the technical requirements for:

  • Fixed, line-of-sight, subscriber radio systems (SRS); and
  • Narrow-band multipoint communication systems (N-MCS).

SRSP-301.4 is amended to more precisely reflect the bandsharing environment at 1.4 GHz, the removal of a minimum antenna envelope pattern for SRS subscriber stations and to respond to feedback received from industry on Issue 2. This standard replaces SRSP-301.4, Issue 2.

2. Technical Requirements for Fixed Line-of-Sight Radio Systems Operating in the Band 10.7-11.7 GHz, (SRSP-310.7, Issue 2). This SRSP states the technical requirements for low, medium and high capacity point-to-point, digital radio systems

As shown in this SRSP, pending completion of a spectrum policy review, all low capacity systems will be licensed on a non-standard basis. This standard replaces SRSP-310.7, Issue 1.

The revised issues have been coordinated with the Radio Advisory Board of Canada (RABC).

Copies of this Gazette Notice and of the above SRSPs are available on the Internet at the following address: World Wide Web (WWW) or can be obtained in hard copy, for a fee from:

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R.W. McCaughern
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Spectrum Engineering Branch

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