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Radiocommunication Act

Notice No. DGRB-007-01Call for Proposals to License Expeditiously a Ka Band Space Station at the 107.3° West Longitude Orbital Position

This Gazette Notice announces the release of a paper, under the above title, that invites interested parties to make proposals to Industry Canada with respect to developing and operating a fixed-satellite Ka band space station in the 107.3° W longitude orbital position.

Although the 107.3° W.L. orbital position was previously licensed to Star Choice, the licence has been returned to the Department. The Department continues to believe that the Ka satellite position at 107.3° W is a valuable resource for Canada. Consequently, Industry Canada is initiating through this Call for Proposals a process to license expeditiously a Ka band fixed-satellite space station in the 107.3° W orbital position. However, as Canadian access to this orbital resource is time limited by the first-come, first-served nature of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) satellite filing process, any satellite authorized by means of this licensing process must be deployed in a timely manner.

If more than one acceptable application is received by means of this Call for Proposals to serve Canada and warrant authorizing a second Ka band orbital position, the Department may also recommend to the Minister that the Ka band orbital position at 118.7° W be assigned as well.

To satisfy the Department's objective that the licensing process is transparent, fair and timely for interested parties wishing to access this orbital position, a Call for Proposals is initiated with this Notice. A 30-day period is provided for applicants to submit their proposals. Qualifications for participating in this licensing process are set out in the Call for Proposals.

To be eligible for consideration, interested parties must submit their proposals to Industry Canada in accordance with the instruction in the referenced paper no later than October 30, 2001. All proposals received will be posted within a few days of their receipt.

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