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Notice No. DGTP-011-01Update of Guidelines on the Licensing Process and Spectrum Release Plan (2001 Edition)

The purpose of this notice is to announce a new edition, known as the 2001 Edition, of the above referred policy document to update the first edition published in October 1999. At the time of its initial publication, Industry Canada indicated that the spectrum release plan would be updated regularly to provide more certainty as to which spectrum resources were being considered for licensing. In addition, as proposed in the Framework for Spectrum Auctions in Canada, the Department indicated it would issue an updated forecast of certain types of spectrum to be released and the timing of future competitive licensing processes.

One of the highlights of the new Edition is a forecast on the release of additional spectrum for advanced mobile services including 3G. The Department wishes to use this policy paper to outline the steps in a work plan which will lead to the licensing of new spectrum.

The policy document also serves to update the spectrum resources (frequency bands and satellite orbital positions) for which first-come, first-served licensing will continue to be used and the spectrum resources for which the competitive licensing process will likely be used. The policy paper reflects the various spectrum policy and licensing decisions taken by the Department since the Spectrum Release Plan was issued in 1999. A competitive licensing process will typically be considered in situations where there is, or is likely to be, more demand for a particular spectrum resource than there is supply. The policy document provides a best estimate of certain types of spectrum to be released and the timing for initiating competitive licensing.

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