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Department of Industry

Radiocommunication Act

Notice No. SMSE-009-02

This Notice announces the release of an exchange of letters between Industry Canada and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) concerning the 37.5-42.5 GHz band. This exchange of letters outlines in an Attachment the details of an arrangement between the two administrations concerning the use and sharing of this band between the fixed service and fixed-satellite service entitled Arrangement Between Canada and the United States on Principles to Govern the Use of the 37.5-42.5 GHz Band. This arrangement, which responds to the international regulations set at WRC -2000, supplements an existing arrangement between Canada and the United States entitled Interim Arrangement Concerning the Sharing Between Canada and the United States of America on Broadband Wireless Systems in the Frequency Bands 24.25-24.45 GHz, 25.05-25.25 GHz and 38.6-40.0 GHz.

With this announcement SRSP-338.6 Issue 1 is revised to incorporate the elements in the Attachment to the exchange of letters. In addition, the letter has been placed on Industry Canada's Web site under Terrestrial Radiocommunication Agreements and Arrangements (TRAA).

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