Archived — Notice No. SMSE-008-02

Department of Industry

Telecommunications and Radiocommunication Acts

Notice No. SMSE-008-02 — Amendments to Procedures DC -01; Self-Marking, CB-03; and CS-03

Notice is hereby given that Industry Canada is releasing the following amendments to its documents: 

  1. Amendment No. 1 to DC-01, Procedure for Declaration of Conformity and Registration of Terminal Equipment, Issue 1; marking requirements have been clarified;
  2. Amendment No. 1 to Self-Marking, Self-Marking of the Certification/Registration Number on Terminal Equipment - Application Procedure and Agreement, Issue 2; marking requirements have been clarified;
  3. Amendment No. 1 to CB-03, Requirements for the Certification of Radio Apparatus to Industry Canada's Standards and Specifications, Issue 1; the format for the certification number has been clarified
  4. Amendment No. 6 to CS-03, Part VIII, Specification for Terminal Equipment, Terminal Systems, Network Protection Devices, Connection Arrangements and Hearing Aids Compatibility, Issue 8; the figures have been corrected; and
  5. Publication errors affecting Amendment no. 2 to CS-03 were corrected.

Part VIII of the CS-03 now includes SDSL requirements which were previously published as the provisional document PROV-SDSL. Therefore, the PROV-SDSL document has been removed from the Terminal Equipment Technical Specifications List.

These amendments come into effect upon publication of this notice. Equipment documentation already in the process of being produced or printed at the time of the publication of this notice is grandfathered.

These documents are available electronically on the Internet at the following address: or can be obtained in hard copy, for a fee from:

DLS, St-Joseph Print Group Inc.
45 Sacré-CoeurBoulevard Hull, Quebec K1A 0S7 Canada
Toll-free telephone:
Canada toll-free facsimile: 
Worldwide telephone:
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Interested parties may submit comments concerning this document to the Deputy Director, Telecommunication Engineering and Certification, 300 Slater Street, Suite 1302A Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0C8 or at the Internet address within 75 days from the date of publication of this notice. All representations should cite the Canada Gazette Part I Notice publication date, title and the Notice reference number.

R.W. McCaughern
Director General
Spectrum Engineering Branch

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