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Department of Industry

Radiocommunication Act

Notice No. SMBR-001-02 — Proposed Amendments to Broadcasting Procedures and Rules, Part 3, Issue 3, Provisional (BPR-3)

Industry Canada announces the publication for public comment of Broadcasting Procedures and Rules, Part 3, Issue 3, Provisional (BPR-3).

Issue 3 of BPR-3 supersedes the existing Broadcasting Procedures and Rules, Part 3, dated August 1998 and proposes several amendments to the Department's technical and operational requirements for obtaining Broadcasting Certificates for FM broadcasting undertakings.

The proposed amendments are the result of extensive studies performed by the Department on the performance of FM receivers and also extensive consultations with the broadcasting industry. As a result of these studies and consultations, the Department revised the FM protection ratios with the aim of increasing the availability of allotments in markets where few remain available.

Issue 3 may be used provisionally during the comment period by applicants proposing FM broadcasting undertakings.

BPR-3 and this Gazette Notice are available at: for the English version and for the French version.

Interested parties may submit comments on the proposed document to the Director General, Spectrum Engineering Branch, Department of Industry, 300 Slater Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1A 0C8, or e-mail address:

To ensure that all comments are duly considered, submissions must be received no later than 90 days following the publication of this notice. Comments will be posted at: shortly thereafter. All representations should cite this Gazette Notice publication date, title and reference number.

R.W. McCaughern
Director General
Spectrum Engineering Branch

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