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Radiocommunication Act

Notice No. SMSE-012-02 — Application Procedures for Planned Radio Stations Above 960 MHz in the Fixed Service

This Notice announces the release of Radio Standards Procedure 113 (RSP-113), Issue 5, Application Procedures for Planned Radio Stations Above 960 MHz in the Fixed Service. The RSP has been updated to reflect the streamlined approach to microwave licensing policy brought about by Radio Systems Policy 022 (RP-022), Microwave Licensing Policy Framework, dated June 9, 2001. Greater emphasis has been placed on the coordination process in accordance with the Department's requirements that proposed systems be successfully coordinated prior to the licence application. Pre-coordination along with greater efficiency in processing applications has considerably improved service standards. The Letter of Intent is now no longer mandatory in the licensing process since most of the information that it previously requested is no longer taken into consideration in the evaluation of the application. Issue 5 also updates the RSP with references to Strategis and Spectrum Direct and encourages clients to utilize both of these tools.

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