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Radiocommunication Act

Notice No. SMSE-013-02

Withdrawal of RSS-139

Notice is hereby given that Industry Canada is withdrawing from publication Radio Standards Specification 139 (RSS-139), Licensed Radiocommunication Devices in the Band 2400-2483.5MHz.

The purpose of RSS-139 was to permit certification of field disturbance sensors and spread spectrum devices in the 2400-2483.5 MHz band that could not meet conditions allowing them to operate license-exempt under RSS-210. Equipment certified under RSS-139 was subject to licensing in order to provide protection to licensed radio relay fixed service systems and licensed TV pick-up links also operating in the 2400 MHz band.

As a result of an Industry Canada policy directive (Spectrum Utilization Policy SP-2285 MHz, June, 2001) that went into effect July  1, 2002, radio relay fixed service systems and TV pick-up radio links operating in the 2400-2483.5 MHz band have not been protected since that date. As RSS-210 already contains the technical requirements necessary under the new rules, RSS-139 is no longer needed and is therefore withdrawn from publication as of the date of this Notice.

All equipment certifications that were granted under RSS-139 are grandfathered and thus remain valid.

Amendments to RSS-210

Notice is also given that Industry Canada is releasing the following document: RSS-210, Issue 5: Amendment. This document sets out changes to RSS-210, Issue 5, which are described below.

The first change concerns special conditions that had to be satisfied by spread spectrum devices and field disturbance sensors operating in the 2400-2483.5 MHz band for license-exempt operation. As a result of SP-2285 MHz (referenced above), these special conditions are no longer applicable and are therefore eliminated, permitting all devices and field disturbance sensors compliant with RSS-210 to operate license-exempt.

The second change is to requirements for spread spectrum devices operating in the
902-928 MHz, 2400-2483.5 MHz and 5725-5850 MHz bands. For all three bands, the requirements have been amended so as to now permit the certification of any device employing digital modulation techniques using a 6 dB bandwidth of at least 500 kHz . Also, the processing gain requirement for spread spectrum devices has been eliminated and the requirements governing frequency-hoping devices has been modified.

RSS-210, Issue 5: Amendment will go into effect on the date of publication of this Notice.

Where there is discrepancy between the existing text of RSS-210, Issue 5 and the Amendment, the Amendment shall take precedence.

General Information

RSS-210, Issue 5: Amendment is available at the following Industry Canada website,

This document has been coordinated with the Radio Advisory Board of Canada (RABC).
The Radio Equipment Technical Standards Lists will be amended to reflect the above change. The Lists are posted on the same website as the above document.

Interested parties may submit comments on this document to the Director General, Spectrum Engineering, 300 Slater Street, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1A 0C8, within 90 days of the publication of this Notice. All representations must cite the Canada Gazette Part I, publication date and the Notice Reference Number. Comments should preferably be submitted in electronic format (WordPerfect, Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF or ASCII TXT) to facilitate posting on the Department's website. Documents submitted should be sent specifying the software, version number and operating system used.

Comments received will be taken into account and a new issue or a revised version of the current issue of the relevant document may be developed, if necessary.

Shortly after the close of the comment period, comments received, if any, will be posted on the same Industry Canada website as the document.

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