Industry Canada's Response to Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association

Mr. J. David Farnes
Vice President
Industry & Regulatory Affairs
Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Associations
130 Albert Street, Suite 1110
Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 5G4

Dear Mr. Farnes:

Subject: Extension of the Consultation Period on the Spectrum for Advanced Wireless Services and the Mobile Spectrum Cap Policy Review

The Department has considered the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association's (CWTA) request to have the comment period on the above consultation paper extended from to (an additional 60 days). The CWTA has highlighted the difficulties of preparing a response to DGTP-007-03 due to other Industry Canada's activities requiring the attention of CWTA members. The Department has reviewed the request with other interested parties.

In view of the pressing nature to address certain issues in the consultation paper, the Department believes that providing a comment period of 135 days will allow sufficient time for all parties to respond to the paper. Without setting a precedence, the Department is hereby announcing an extension to the comment period to

The CWTA letter and this reply will be posted on Industry Canada's Spectrum Management and Telecommunications Web site, along with the gazette notice extending the comment period.

Sincerely yours,

Larry Shaw
Director General
Telecommunications Policy Branch

c.c. Microcell Telecommunications Inc.

Radio Advisory Board of Canada

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