Letter to Licensees

January 9, 2002

As part of the "Government On-Line" initiative, the Department is introducing a new licensing concept that will eliminate the printing of some 300,000 pieces of paper annually. This concept, known as the Virtual Radio Licence, will provide licensees with the opportunity to view their radio licences over the Internet and, should they wish to do so, download and print copies of those licences.

While foreign going ships and aircraft must retain copies of their radio licences to satisfy the requirements of foreign administrations, the Department has eliminated this requirement for all other licensees. In conjunction with the Virtual Radio Licence concept, this will free licensees from the annual administrative burden of sorting and filing hard copies of their renewed radio licences, a task which, for our larger clients, can involve thousands of pieces of paper.

Our target date for implementation of the Virtual Radio Licence concept will coincide with the April 1, 2002 radio licence renewal season. Licensees will continue to receive their annual radio licence renewal notice, in the same manner as before. However, payment of that invoice will no longer result in the printing of a "stack" of renewed licence documents which contain the same information as the copies they already hold.

Instead, upon receipt of the licence renewal payment, the Department will update its licensing database to indicate that the invoice has been paid. Licensees will be able to access their accounts, at anytime, from anywhere, via the Internet. They will be able to view licence data, examine the terms and conditions of their radio licences, and print any valid licence.

The Department will continue to issue new licences and to reissue those whose terms and conditions have been amended.

The Department invites you to provide us with your thoughts, comments and questions on the Virtual Radio Licence concept. You may either contact us via the Internet at: ic.spectrumpublications-publicationsduspectre.ic@canada.ca or write to us at:

Industry Canada
Radiocommunications and
Broadcasting Regulatory Branch
Room 1593D
300 Slater Street
Ottawa, Ontario

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