Archived—A Brief History of Cellular and PCS Licensing

Appendix A - Cellular Licensees - 2004

Licensee Cellular Block Tier Area
Aliant Telecom Inc. B 2-01
B 2-02
B 2-03
Amtelecom Inc. B TEL-18
Bell Mobility Inc. B TEL-01
B TEL-19
Brooke Telecom Co-Operative Ltd. B TEL-21
Bruce Municipal Telephone System B TEL-22
City of Prince Rupert B TEL-47
Corporation of the Town of Cochrane Municipal Telephone System B TEL-23
Coop Tel B TEL-04
La Corporation de Téléphone de La Baie (1983) B TEL-05
La Compagnie de Téléphone de Courcelles Inc. B TEL-06
La Compagnie de Téléphone de Lambton Inc. B TEL-07
La Compagnie de Téléphone Nantes Inc. B TEL-08
La Compagnie de Téléphone de St-Victor B TEL-09
La Compagnie de Téléphone de Warwick B TEL-10
La Compagnie de Téléphone Upton Inc. B TEL-11
Corporation of the City of Thunder Bay B TEL-24
B TEL-48
Corporation of the Town of Kenora B TEL-26
The City of Dryden B TEL-25
Execulink Telecom Inc. B TEL-27
Gosfield North Communications Co-operative Limited B TEL-28
Hay Communication Co-operative Limited B TEL-29
Huron Telecommunications Co-operative Limited B TEL-30
Le Téléphone de St-Ephrem Inc. B TEL-12
Le Téléphone de St-Liboire-de-Bagot Inc. B TEL-13
The Lansdowne Rural Telephone Company Ltd. B TEL-31
MTS Mobility Inc. B 2-10
Mornington Communications Co-operative Limited B TEL-32
Nexicom Telecommunications Inc. B TEL-33
Nexicom Telephones Inc. B TEL-34
North Frontenac Telephone Co.Ltd. B TEL-35
North Renfrew Telephone Co.Ltd. B TEL-36
NorthernTel L.P. B TEL-20
Northwestel Mobility Inc. B 2-14
B TEL-46
O.N.Tel Inc. B TEL-37
People's Telephone Company of Forest Inc. B TEL-38
Quadro Communications Co-operative Inc. B TEL-39
Rogers Wireless Inc. A 1-01
Roxborough Telephone Company Limited. B TEL-40
Saskatchewan Telecommunications B 2-11
SogeTel Mobilité Inc. B TEL-14
Superior Wireless Inc. B TEL-41
Télébec L.P. B TEL-03
B TEL-02
B TEL-45
Téléphone Guèvremont Inc. B TEL-15
Téléphone Milot Inc. B TEL-16
Tuckersmith Communications Co-operative Limited B TEL-42
Westport Telephone Company Limited B TEL-43
Wightman Telecom Limited B TEL-44

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